Coachability Assessment

As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man. Proverbs 27:19

Here is an assessment to help you determine your present coachability before you seriously explore the possibility of engaging in a coaching relationship. Try it for food for thought and gaining perspective.

Being honest with yourself when completing this assessment is essential. Imagine your most trusted colleague is answering these questions based on how he experiences you. It will help you keep your objectivity. Your intent to grow in excellence, make increasingly worthwhile contributions by providing valued-added work through your position, and ensure that your salt is salty and your light is bright is the main key to a results-producing coaching experience.

To what degree, 1 being low to 10 being high, can I answer the following questions in the affirmative? Mark your score in front of each item.

  1. Do I believe that the best investment I can make is in my own growth and development?
  2. Do I have clarity about my life vision of a preferred future that can and should be?
  3. Am I willing to try new ways of learning things, tell the whole truth, keep my word and tell my coach immediately when things are not working for me?
  4. Am I willing to listen and let my coach help me learn how to do things more easily, quickly and simply?
  5. Am I willing to stop or change the wrong, and self-defeating thoughts, talk and actions that lead to wrong results?
  6. Do I know what I would I like to be, do, have, accomplish and work towards?
  7. Do I recognize the business or professional opportunities I’m not capitalizing on?
  8. Do I sense what is presently consuming my physical, emotional, time and financial reserves that I would like to eliminate?
  9. Do I understand that my coach will be focused on me and my best interests, not just my goals?
  10. Do I understand that my coach will educate, support and encourage me while I do the work, feel the satisfaction and reap the benefits of my efforts?
  11. Do I have adequate funds to invest in coaching without regretting or suffering hardship regarding the fee?

____Total Score (Add up your scores for all of the items.)

Scoring Key

20 - 40…Not coachable right now. Do what it takes to prepare yourself.

41 - 60…Coachable, maybe. Make sure your intent and desire is solid.

61 - 80…Coachable. Be ready to work and receive feedback.

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